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Livestock activated 56 poultry farms in countryside


GIRE SIPI –The Livestock committee in al-Raqqa Civil Council has carried out 56 poultry farms .GRI SPI-KOMÎTEYA DEWLETA XWESRIYE (1)

Al-Raqqa city is characterized by its Livestock and is considered one of the main sources of insurance for their livelihood.

The livestock were exposed in al-Raqqa city and its countryside when they were dominated by IS mercenaries for destruction. After being liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the activation  al-RaqqaCivil Council, they immediately began to find solutions and to gradually restore the livestock.

The  Livestock committee has sought to provide the necessary support to the needs al-Raqq Civil Council and to provide the necessary support for the provision of poultry farms.

Thus, the committee has done 56 poultry  farms breeding in many rural villages of al- Raqqa and has included about 400 thousand chickens, under the technical conditions provided by the Livestock Committee to the poultry farms breeders.MUNZER

Hawar news agency ANHA  held an interview with the co –chair of the livestock committee Munther Saleh that they are conducting the statements on the poultyfarms and each granted the license to be supported materials for the house.