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loss of an elderly woman, injury of 5 Israeli soldiers

GAZA- A Palestinian woman in the Palestinian Valley has lost her life after a heart attack during an Israeli raid on her home, and 5 Israeli soldiers were wounded in clashes.

Palestinian sources reported that a number of Israeli forces’ elements raided the house of the elderly Hamda Zubeidat in Zubeidat village in the Palestinian Valley on Tuesday evening causing her a heart attack that ended her life.

Israeli ambulance crews said that an Israeli soldier was hit by a stone in the head during clashes in Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem, and 4 others were burned after being subjected to Molotov cocktails.

The sources said that Israeli forces arrested three young men during clashes erupted on Tuesday evening in al-Azza camp north of Bethlehem.

According to the Hawar news agency, Palestinian factions shelled Israeli camps without causing any injuries. Israeli naval boats fired at fishermen in the Sudanese sea in the north Gaza Strip, forcing fishermen to leave the beach. No injuries were reported.