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Mahshoush: joining commune’s elections, federalism will succeed



AMUDA- The member of the National Arab Clans Council in Al Hasakah canton Akram Mahshoush said That the North Syria Democratic Federalism will be able to unite all communities living in north Syria, appealing to all peoples to participate in the federal elections, especially the commune’s, because it will be the beginning of the democratic federalism successful project.

About the importance of the North Syria Democratic Federalism and the importance of participating in the elections of the communes, our agency met with a member of the Arab clans in the canton of Hasaka in Cizîre region Akram Mahshoush on the sidelines of his participation in the consultative forum organized by the Council of Democratic Syria in Amouda district.

Mahshoush said The project of the democratic federalism of northern Syria is a serious project in every sense of the word, its laws and its model will contribute to solving all the problems that our peoples suffer in the area. The idea of this project should be communicated to the whole world.

“We say to all those who believe that democratic federalism is only for one component, but indeed it is for all peoples living together in northern Syria and all components will participate in.  He said” as for the elections scheduled for next September, Mahshoush said, “we were and still are members of the communes, as the commune is a fundamental unit in the organization of our society. I hope that the people of our society will not only consider commune to secure their living needs.

A member of the Council of Arab clans in the canton of Al-Hasakah in Cizîre region Akram Mahshoush said at the end of his speech that participating in the elections is the beginning of the success of the federalism and appealed to all members of the community to participate in the elections and to nominate themselves on the principle of brotherhood of peoples to be able to discuss the development of our society and access to one thought and a joint decision”.