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Maintenance expanded to al-Hurriyah Dam

AL-TABQA- The dams’ administration is working on maintaining again al-Hurriyah Dam in cooperation with the staff of the Euphrates Dam and in coincidence with repairing the Euphrates Dam. The maintenance of the second turbine in the dam would be another success among the series of the successive successes that represent repairing the third and eighth turbines in the Euphrates River.

Al-Hurriyah Dam (previously Baath) like other establishments was exposed to sabotage practices by IS mercenaries before its liberation by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in June 4.TEPQA-KARE-REXISTINKIRNA-BENDAVA-FIRATE-BER-BI-AZADIYE1 (1)

The staff is working now on the last works that are laboratory works to check how much the dam is prepared to supply.

The second generating group is being repaired, and it is supposed to start working mechanically during this week, and it is the first liftoff in order to detect its supplement mechanically.

What is necessary for the maintenance including major and assistance equipment  have been prepared, and after the group have been prepared mechanically, it is electrically incited to become ready to generate electrical energy of 20 megawatts per hour.TEPQA-KARE-REXISTINKIRNA-BENDAVA-FIRATE-BER-BI-AZADIYE1 (4)

After detecting the main square of the dam and making sure that it is empty of mines, the civil department is preparing the way of the dam’s body as it contains a longitudinal trench along the body of the dam that was dug by IS mercenaries while the dam was threatened according to what the supervisor engineer in the Euphrates Dam Ali al-Rawy and the supervisor on the maintenance works in al-Hurriyah Dam. Moreover, the civil department is digging the platform on the dam’s body and re-fill it again by gravel and sand to be able to endure thousands of tons that pass over it as it is the bridge that links between the two banks of river.

Al-Rawy assured that there are mines in the back side of the dam, and demanded to detect it as soon as possible to complete maintenance work.

Al-Hurriyah Dam is located 21 km west of al-Raqqa city, and it is 20 km east of al-Tabqa city.