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Manar… Story of mother whose life grabbed by IS


AL-TABQA – Manar Mustafa Ghadir, who has the childish smile as described by her friends and neighbors, was executed by IS mercenaries leaving behind her the young “Mai” who witnessed her mother’s abduction.

Manar was born in the summer of 1975, and married a police man in the regimes’ intelligence during the period of their control of al-Tabqa city and left her pregnant with her daughter, “Mai”, who is now 5 years old.TEBQA-CIROKA-DAYIKA-MENAR (3)

Manar was forced to cope with poverty, and her expenses increased as her daughter expensed with here growing daughter with age, moved to work in any area she could afford to earn a living.

After the IS mercenaries occupation of al-Tabqa city in late 2012, the situation worsened, and the spread of poverty in general and imposed a total ban on women’s work, which adversely affected “Manar” with the increasing requirements of life, and the high prices.

Manar worked as a nurse for a doctor in al-Tabqa, but IS mercenaries in their obscurantist mindset considered that the women’s work as a nurse to a doctor is considered a kind of “illegal retreat” that reaches the level of “adultery” Manar left the work with the doctor under the pressure of IS mercenaries, and lived with her family who do not have the simplest life requirements.

Manar and her child lived this way depending on the charity of neighbors and the good people provided them with material and in-kind assistance.

Then on March 17, 2016, Manar was given a job at a women’s internet hall and worked in this hall until the 21st of the same month as Mother’s Day, where Manar had a party for her mother at her sister’s house.

It is worth mentioning here, that IS mercenaries in the period of their occupation of al-Tabqa city, and the imposition of security measures on the city in general, have allocated certain space-only communication rooms after the mobile communications’ interruption since the occupation of Jabhet al-Nusra mercenaries and the Free Army of the city. They also allocated special rooms for women and has appointed security spies also, this is the case for men’s lounges.TEBQA-CIROKA-DAYIKA-MENAR (1)

“We were at my daughter’s house celebrating Mother’s Day. At about 12:30 am, a group of masked” security “mercenaries raided Manar’s sister’s house after a first raid on the family’s house and knew where she was by intimidating her nephew, “to find out where she was after an inspection of the house and especially the personal stuff of” Manar “.

Manar’s mother said: “IS mercenaries immediately after their recognition of Manar’s, they folded her eyes and pulled her in a hideous manner that horrified everyone, including her child,” Mai, “who burst into tears after seeing her mother in this horrific scene.

The mercenaries then took “Manar” in addition to “Safi” who took him as (Muhrem) to his aunt. The Muhrem” is a person who is permanently prohibited to a woman to marry. They took them to an unknown place. 3 days later, Safi came out in a state of imbalance and fear to the extent of madness, and after the stability of his condition, it turned out that he was kidnapped in (al-Burj) prison and his aunt does not know where the IS mercenaries had taken her.

Manar’s mother started asking about her daughter in all security centers affiliated with mercenaries, but all her attempts were unsuccessful and the mercenaries threatened her to face her daughter’s fate if she asked about her again.

Manar’s mother did not give up and went to al-Raqqa city to meet with the mercenaries’ wali, but it turned out that the governor was not matched by anyone who had come back with more despair and disappointment and grief over the anonymous fate of her daughter.

After this period, Manar’s family received many anonymous contacts whose content conflicts between Manar’s life and death until 20 April 2017, more than a year later. A group of IS mercenaries informed Manar’s family by written letter that their daughter had been executed by charges of “dealing with the coalition and photographing female Mujahidin.”

Manar is not the only victim in al-Tabqa, IS mercenaries have killed other women on the same charges, such as Raghad al-Ahmad.

It should be noted that the executions carried out by IS mercenaries against women were conducted in secret without knowing where and when the execution was carried out? Except for the stoning operation that was taking place in public squares in front of everyone’s eyes, as mentioned in a previous report

In several meetings with ANHA Manar’s friends and neighbors and everyone confirmed that Manar had been killed unjustly and aggressively, and that she was a creative figure whose single concern was to raise her daughter, Mai, who had fallen victim to the selfishness of the IS mercenaries’ terrorist.