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Manbij camp: 300 families are residing the wilderness

MANBIJ- Manbij camp administration continues providing help for refugees escaping the oppression of the Turkish occupation and IS gangs despite their poor possiblities, at the same time however they are deprived of any aid by relief organizations.MIHEMED MENSUR

Manbij camp which the Labour and Social Affairs Body have established on March 15 is situated west of the city and 139 displaced families live in.

139 families coming from Deir Hafer, Masknah, al-Khafsa and its villages and escaping the regime shelling, IS crimes, and Turkish shelling are residing in the camp.

These tents were distributed by the UNICEF within the city and Manbij city villages where many refugees live.    MINBIC-REWSA-KOCBERAN1

Around 130 thousand refugees have been displaced to the city most of them are children and women who are in dire daily need of life necessities.

Muhamad al-Mansour a member in the camp’s administration said that the camp is comprised under Labuor and Social Affairs Body and most refugees are women and children who were displaced from Deir Hafer and al-Khafsa towns.

Mansour appealed to humanitarian organizations to give help as there is a drastic shortage of tents, and around 300 families are registered waiting for tents and are residing the wilderness.