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Manbij central pharmacy helped in reducing price manipulation, drug monopolies


MANBIJ- The central pharmacy in Manbij is witnessing a heavy demand from the people of the city and the countryside for its supply of all kinds of medicines and its contribution in reducing the manipulation of prices and monopolization of medicine.MINBEG-DIRMANXANI (1)

The Health Commission of the Democratic Civil Administration opened the first central pharmacy in Manbij and its countryside in October 17 last year.

The opening of the pharmacy after two months of work, in order to serve the people and reduce the manipulation of prices and monopolization of medicine, in the goals of service is not profitable.

The pharmacy is located in the eastern parts of Manbij near al-Alai mosque, which includes the various types of medicine needed by the people.

8 persons including pharmacists and technicians as well as an accountant, a worker work in the pharmacy. The director of the central pharmacy, Musab al-Ahmad, says that the goal of the pharmacy’s opening is to control prices in the market.MINBEG-DIRMANXANI (2)

Since its opening, the pharmacy has witnessed a high demand from the people, according to its workers for cheap prices and availability of all kinds of medicines.

Al-Ahmad confirmed that the pharmacy contains all kinds of medicine and there is no shortage, especially medicine for children and women and heart medicine. At the end of his speech, he hoped that there would be a second branch of the Central Pharmacy to serve the citizens.