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Manbij Military Council launches an initiative to protect civilians

MANBIJ– the General Command of the Military Council of Manbij announced launching another initiative to protect civilians within Manbij city.

In a written statement released today, the General Command of the Military Council of Manbij announced today a new initiative to protect civilians within the city, the initiative consists of many provisions.

Our agency received a version of the written statement which is as follows:

“martyr commander Feisal Abu Laila campaign to liberate Manbij continues achieving more victories within the city, added to that the liberation of its neighborhoods from the remains of IS mercenaries. This comes after a tightened siege was imposed on them, and are left to face an inevitable fate which they cannot escape, and despicably using civilians as human shields to protect themselves, and have been committing mass massacres against families”.

The city’s liberation operation proceeds till consummated

As these intransigent anti-human attitudes of IS mercenaries have aborted the attempts to marginalize civilians and seclude them from the atrocities of war and IS unlimited barbaric acts, we as the Military Council of Manbij and its countryside, responding and committing to our ethical values and principles and undertaking our historical responsibilities protecting our people, we declare launching another initiative its chief aim is protecting civilians and secluding them from battlefields by opening safe corridors, according to the following bases:

  • All civilians including causalities are permitted to liberated areas through safe corridors by our forces.
  • In return of that, IS causalities and its militants will be allowed to leave the area to regions held by IS.
  • All detainees of IS will be set free whatever charges they are guilty of.
  • To implement this initiative and put it into action, and agreeing on its details, IS is to send a delegation of Manbij notables to represent Manbij residents to discuss this matter.

We assure through this initiative our commitment to international laws and customs concerning conflicts, especially Geneva agreement and protocols in this context.

We also assure our respect of ethical principles and protection of the lives of people, which is the major aim of our free revolution.

It is noteworthy that Manbij Military Council had launched an initiative of this kind few days ago, IS mercenaries however targeted our forces and civilians the same day.