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Manbij municipality of people to repair roads

Manbij – The people municipality of Manbij is working on the rehabilitation of many roads inside the city and the roads that reach the city in the countryside.MINBIC-KARE-SAREDARIYE ‫(190710277)‬ ‫‬

Due to the digging and damage to the roads, the people’s municipality in Manbij city began and whitening of the roads. The excavation is a major cause of the accidents and often causes serious damage to cars.

The repairing is carried out through three projects; the first is paving the city’s roads starting from the main roads of the city and then to the subsidiary streets.

The estimated area of the roads that need to be repaired within the city is 3 thousand cubic meters, where about 70 percent of the project has been implemented, so far around 1800 cubic meters have been completed.

The second project is the restoration of the road between the village of Alwsali, which starts from the highway to the village of Abu Kahf, with an area of 250 cubic meters, 40% of which has been completed, at an estimated cost of two million and a half, while work is still underway to complete the rest.MINBIC-KARE-SAREDARIYE ‫(190710273)‬ ‫‬

The third project is the restoration of the village of Al-Asaliya village, which starts from the old road of Manbj to Um Jalod village. It is estimated at 664 m3 and was completely completed at a cost of 6 million.

The process of repair goes through three stages to ensure the quality of the asphalt, where the drilling is located on the road to clean it from the remnants of the soil, and then spray the fuel to extend the asphalt and finally to be homogenous with the former asphalt level.