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Manbij : Our leader thought free despite the severe isolation



MANBIJ  –  A women  ‘s of Manbij city  denounced an international conspiracy against the leader of the peoples Abdullah Ocelan and confirmed that they (conspirators) “were able to arrest the leader physically and imposed isolation on him, but the leader’s mind is free.”

The international plot against the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, 19, took place on February 15, the day Ocelan was arrested in 1999.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviews with several women from Manbij city who said the plot did not reach its destination and that the conspirators were able to arrest Ocelan physically but his mind is still free

The citizen Amal Mohammad from Manbij city said :

“We, as women, are proud to say to the Turkish state and Erdogan, and all those who conspire to Norht Syria have arrested the leader of the peoples, Abdullah Ocelan physically, but his mind and soul are walking with us in our path.”

“We are women who are blessed with our faith, our will and our thoughts from our leader. We will get him out of prison, whatever the Turkish state and the conspiring states do to complete their international conspiracy against Manbij city, Afrin and North Syria,”

Karaima al-Ali from women of Manbij city said :

“We are stronger and more determined than their conspiracies, and in the end victory for us, and with the blood of our martyrs we will stand by them, and face whoever is conspiring against northern Syria, and will show the truth and win over our enemies,” said one of the women.

At the end of her speech, she said: “We are with our heart, our thoughts and our souls with our leader, the leader of humanity, father of all. With the blood of our martyrs and our land and our spirit we will win