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Manbij people celebrate Newroz Eid

MANBIJ- Manbij people are celebrating Newroz Eid( which signifies the beginning of Spring) for the first time after its liberation under the slogan” With Newroz Soul, Towards Building the Democratic Nation”. MINBC-SAHIYEN-NEWROZE (2)

Meantime, Manbij’s different components of Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens, Armenian, Chechens are heading now to Newroz Square to celebrate the Eid.

A platform prepared to hold the celebrations on was decorated with slogans” With Newroz Soul, Towards Building the Democratic Nation” written in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and Chechen, in addition to Botan Turkmen, Feisal Abu Leila, Abdul Sattar al-Jader, Royda Manbij, Resul Khalo, Rojda Bawer, Mahmoud Abu Ali, Aziz Mermin, Zilan Halab strugglers photos.

Many other slogans appeared at the scene of the celebration like” Newroz is Victory Symbol, a Light That Broke the darkness, a New Spring Commenced”, “With Free Women, Democratic Nation Is Built”, With the Manbij Resistance, Newroz Torch Is Lit”, and “With Free Youth, Towards Building a Plural Democratic Syria”.

According to the preparatory committee for celebration, Cizîre and Kobanî delegations of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, notable of region’s tribes will be attending the celebration, singers Reyber Waheed, Muhamad Shaker, Jamal Tirej will be singing during the celebration, Golden Crescent Band for Dabke Dance, Kobanî Band, and Manbij Singers Band will be singing during the celebrations.

Many words will be delivered on behalf of MMC, DAA in Manbij and its countryside, Women Council in Manbij and its countryside, Interior Security Forces, Martyrs Family.MINBC-SAHIYEN-NEWROZE (11)

Hundreds of the regions people have flowed to take part in the celebrations, and began holding rings and dancing.

In the forthcoming moments, Newroz Torch will be lit at the celebration square by strugglers’ mothers, then scheduled events will be launched.

The school where the celebrations will be held was an IS stronghold, and was targeted many a time by the fighter planes.