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Manbij: preparations to open Women House


MANBIJ– After finishing initial preparations, women in the Civil Council of Manbij are getting ready to open the 1st Women Hhouse in the city.

In order to guarantee women rights which they have been deprived of since IS seized the region and imposed extremist customs and instructions on women in particular, women have been deprived of their simplest rights as to express opinion and take part in the social life.

The women in the Civil Council have taken a decision to open a House of Women as an initial step to retrieve women rights and build a firm ground for equality between women and men coexisting in a free society.

The House to be opened will guarantee women participation in different fields of life in Manbij, so enabling women to decision-makers and solving their own problems themselves within the city.

Deputy of the co-chair of the civil Council of Manbij Abeer Rajab assured that opening Women House will be solving most problems facing women, which is quite unprecedented in the region as women will be solving their problems themselves, and is also a major step towards the construction of free and democratic society.

Abeer Rajab also said” Women House will be the solution for reaching a democratic society, and it is expected to be opened next month”.