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Mansour al-Salloum: Northern Syria’s people will not accept a new Sykes Picot




NEWSDESK – The Co-chair of the Constituent Council of the Democratic Union of Northern Syria, Mansour al-Salloum pointed out that all Erdogan’s masks have fallen, and his lustful intentions to occupy the Syrian territories have emerged. “The Northern Syria people will rise up against Erdogan if he exceeds an inch of land liberated by sacrifices of martyrs, and will not accept a new Sykes Picot Agreement.”

The remarks were made by the Co-chair of the Constituent Council of Democratic Union of Northern Syria Mansour al-Salloum during an interview with the Hawar News Agency about the Turkish intervention in Syrian territory.

Al-Salloum pointed out that Erdogan exceeded his borders by encroaching upon a holy land with its borders and its holy sites. “What does this threat mean? Has Erdogan become our guardian to intervene and take away the land of its people? “He said.

“This threat is a clear and frank statement that Erdogan wants the return of the Ottoman glories to the area and the occupation of parts of holy land,” al- Salloum said.

Al-Salloum noted that Erdogan is the one who fueled the crisis in Syria and supported the mercenary groups in encroaching on the sanctity of the Syrian territories and supplying them with weapons and opening training camps inside Turkish territory.

“All of Erdogan’s masks have fallen and the best proof of that agreement was between him and Russia and Iran, where he gave up his time on the militants in Aleppo and this proves that he is just an occupier and wants to plunder the goods of Syria,” al-Salloum said.

“We denounced the Arab and international countries who see Erdogan’s greedy practices and stand silent in front of his intentions to occupy Afrin and Idlib territory. But we are confident that all the people in Syria will not accept and will rise up,” said Mansour al-Salloum. In the face of tyrant Erdoğan, if it exceeds the inch of land liberated by the blood of the martyrs.”

“We, as the Northern Syrian peoples, with all our components and affiliations, will not accept agreements similar to the Sykes Picot Agreement, which the Turkish state expropriated part of Syrian territory and occupied the Iskenderun and Kelekia. We consider ourselves the right holders to take the affairs of our country and manage it as we like, we are the owners of the land “. He said

The Co-chair of the Constituent Council of the  Democratic Union of the Northern Syria, Mansour  al-Salloum, appealed to all developed countries to consider Erdogan’s practices and hold him accountable for his heinous acts.