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March 12th Uprising is a historical turn towards freedom   

NEWS DESK- The General Board of Democratic Union Party(DUP) commemorated the March 12th Uprising martyrs in Qamishlo city, and assured that the March 12th uprising has witnessed the emergence of the people’s will and awareness which refuted the despotic regimes.

The DUP General Board released a statement to the public, ANHA received a copy of it in coincidence with the commemoration of the 13th anniversary of Qamishlo Uprising.

The statement is:

“13 years ago, Qamishlo Uprising emerged embodied in the people’s will and awareness which revolted against the despotic regime, our people have taken to streets starting from Derik to Qamishlo to Kobani reaching Afrin, and Aleppo and Damascus, we commemorate this uprising meanwhile our Kurdish people are witnessing a societal revolution which aims at founding a just democratic system and a new leap towards solving Syrian crises, which left hundreds of thousands killed, wounded, displaced and lost.

March 12th Uprising have held many meanings and indications, despite the fact that 13 years passed since its launch, this societal state was the first spark of Rojava revolution in its philosophical and revolutionary heritage, it has led to what we are experiencing today; politically, socially and institutionally. simultaneously, it paved the way for the Syrian upheaval in March 18th, very different from some Kurdish parties which are playing negative roles opposing the simplest national rights of Kurds, which majorly serve narrow exterior agendas.

We assure that we should be adopting the soul of resistance and revolutionary insistence which would abort any acts against people and their demands, this is considered a guarantee for repelling all repressive acts and pressures which we were victims of either by obscurantist powers or despotic regimes; regional and local which are attempting to impose a system unfamiliar with our coexisting society.

For this reason, keeping to Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan and martyrs’ values, we managed to keep our foothold firm on the path towards getting our rights, the third neutral line as a theory and perspective resulted from the free life philosophy we adopted.

On behalf of Democratic Union Party, we renew our promise to martyrs that we will follow their footsteps and undertake our duties during this sensitive, serious stage, increase our efforts to unify the Kurdish line, and bury the disarray that some mercenaries are attempting to stir to undermine the democratic project which coexistent north Syria components enjoy, this libel is supported by regional despotic regimes whose center has become clear to the public embodied in Turkish fascist regime and primitive nationalism. We also promise to fight for the freedom, democracy and solidification of democratic federation causes which martyrs have sacrificed their lives for.

We as the General Board of Democratic Union Party, bow before the greatness and glory of March 12th freedom martyrs in their 13th anniversary, we also recall Qamishlo Municipality martyrs who were targeted by obscurantist powers in an explosion that rocked humanity three years ago, we promise them that we will not bow before these despotic attempts however tricky the conspiracy was.