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Martyr Viyan absorbed leader’s philosophy and led a struggling life

QAMIŞLO- The Congress Star recalled the struggler Viyan Çav in the 11th anniversary of her martyrdom and said “meantime freedom movement was facing fierce attacks, Viyan showed a brave attitude against these attacks”.

Congress Star Coordination released a statement in coincidence with the 11th anniversary of her commando operation (Viyan Soran), and she promised again to adhere by the martyrs’ memories.

The statement included the following: “on the anniversary of the struggler Viyan Soran martyrdom, we bow in homage to the memory of all the martyrs and we promise again to walk on Kurdistan martyrs’ steps”. The martyr Viyan struggled for freedom, and learned from the philosophy of the leader Ocalan and lived a life full of struggle.

The statement also talked about the curriculum vita of the struggler Viyan Soran’ life and struggle “Viyan was born in Başûr Kurdistan, and in her youth, Viyan recognized that the liberation of one part of Kurdistan would not achieve safety for the Kurdish society”. Viyan struggled in many fields, and during the attacks freedom movement faced, Viyan showed revolutionary attitudes by her struggle and got deep into the philosophy of the leader, and Viyan headed all her revolutionary powers and will towards the mentalities that threaten the freedom movement, and by her connection to PKK Viyan stepped advancing towards freedom.

The statement added “the martyr Viyan realized the reality of the leader Apo’s philosophy of directing women towards real freedom, and participated effectively in the struggle, and Viyan was always heading to the areas which the attacks were intense. When the attacks intensified in Bakur Kurdistan that aimed at eliminating freedom movement and culture, Viyan went to the battlefields. Viyan realized that some parts consider shallowly the attacks and isolation that the leader Apo faces, and the appearance of some mentalities that stand silent about special war against Kurdish people. The martyr Viyan reacted to these attitudes by kindling the fire in her body, and she repeated ” long live leader Apo ” until her last breath.

The Congress Star Coordination finished the statement by saying “the martyr Viyan realized that the separation of the leader from people and the movement means that the enemy would win”. The martyr Viyan was a leading woman example that the leader Apo created.