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Massive march of Afrin women on International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women


AFRIN– In one voice, the voices of thousands of women in Afrin canton with its slogans that salute the struggle of women in the Rojava Revolution and denounce the violence practiced against them during a massive march on the occasion of on International Day to Eliminate the Violence Against Women.EFRIN-MES-JIN-LI-EFRINE (12)

Thousands of Afrin women marched on International Day to Eliminate the Violence Against Women, and chanted in a single voice: “Free Woman” is the symbol of the democratic nation in Syria and the Middle East.

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Aisha Hassou, the Co-Chair of the Democratic Autonomy Administration, Hefei Mustafa, member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Union Party Amina Oussi, representatives and administrators from all institutions, Autonomy Administration, university students and schools participated in the march. Art and women of canton and its surroundings in their folk costumes, playing drums and flutes, mothers of martyrs, fighters of women’s protection units, Asayîş women’s forces, members of the traffic, and thousands of women and men of the canton with its components and Arab tribes also participated in the march..

The massive march launched from the Kurdish Red Crescent in the center of the canton. Participants held hundreds of slogans calling for women’s freedom, including “the advancement of educated women. We will break politics in Imrali. Women are free life, neither for short marriage nor for violence against women. To make our revolution a revolution to the end of violence, the right policy to make the right decisions, we swear that we will break the policy in Imrali with leader Apo we will live the freedom. “EFRIN-MES-JIN-LI-EFRINE (17)

The march stopped in the center of the city after a minute of silence. Two speeches were delivered on behalf of Kongra Star by the Co-Chair of the Council of the Democratic Society Movement in Afrin canton Dalia Hanan in the Kurdish language, pointing out that violence against women lies not only in physical, , And that authoritarian forces seek to exterminate women to reflect their true reality, but under the democratic nation, women have been able to break the authoritarian mentality that has been traced back to their true being, which was created by the thought of leader Apo..

The march concluded with the men and women of the province holding the dance workshops on the revolutionary songs..