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Measures by al-Tabqa municipality to garbage accumulation


AL-TABQA- People’s municipality in al-Tabqa continued its efforts to clean up the city from the remnants of war, and to move the garbage to dumps outside the city and away from the residential communities, and took several measures in this regard, such as increasing the number of workers and working on maintenance of broken machineries.TEPQA-XEBATEN-SARADARIYE ‫(139264514)‬ ‫‬

Most of the municipality’s vehicles were stolen by the IS mercenaries and transferred to other areas still under their control in Syria.

The municipality since the liberation of the city by Syria Democratic Forces on May 10 is depending on its own potential, and it seems that the external parties which promised to support the municipality have fulfilled nothing of its promises so far.

As part of the efforts to revive the city after liberating it from mercenaries and the massive destruction they left behind, the People’s Assembly in the city of al-Tabqa took several steps to clean the city.

In an interview with ANHA, the cleaning office administrative in the municipality of the people Abdul Rahman Abdullah reviewed the work carried out by the municipality regarding the issue of cleaning the city. “We are trying to reform the broken machineries”.EBDULRHMAN EBDELLAH

“Despite the promises made by some parties to support the service sector in al-Tabqa”, Abdullah stressed, “We are short of supply”.

“And the municipality recently rented a vehicle for moving the rubbish from the first neighborhood in the city of al-Tabqa”. Added Abdullah.

In order to improve the performance, the administrative in the cleaning office added, “The momentum of the work has increased. The municipality has increased the number of its cleaning workers to reach 99 after it was 66 workers and is running two shifts for work. One starts at 6 am and ends at 2 pm, and the other at 2 pm and continue until 6 pm “.

Abdullah pointed out that “the streets of al-Tabqa will be cleaned successively”.

In the same context, the municipality called on civil institutions in the city and the people for a volunteering campaign to clean the city next Tuesday