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Medicine lack, high temperature increase Afrin refugees’ suffering

Revan Ibrahim, Aras Youssef

AFRIN- The people of Robar Camp in Sherawa district are daily suffering from difficulties of insuring main needs, and the high temperature and scarcity of medicine in addition to the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ bombardment on the camp and around it increased their suffering.EFRIN NERINEN GEL LI KAMPA ROBAR1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Hawar news agency interviewed people of Robar Camp and they assured on lacking necessary medical drugs to help ill people so they are getting obliged to cut off a long distance back and forth to Afrin. In addition, there is no ambulance to take sick people when needed.

The refugee Ali Abdullah, one of the residents in Robar Camp, stated that most of the refugees’ problems in the camp are the lack of main medical drugs and the doctors do not periodically visit the camp to inspect the refugees’ situation, and ambulances are not available when needed. In addition to that, amid high temperature, they do not have sufficient water for drinking and daily consumption, and the water currently available is not suitable for drinking.

While the refugee Amina Abdullah stated that the high temperature increased their suffering, and the tents in which they live are not avoiding temperatures, because there is no thermal insulation, which affects the health of families especially children. Amina added “adding to all this, we are exposed to the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ bombardment.

Labor and Social Affairs Body in Afrin canton provided the refugees with some services, but it could not cover the needs of thousands of people amid the international organizations silence which are not providing any help for the refugees.