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Meeting about the role of women in protecting community  

HASAKA-Community protection forces of women have held meeting in Hasaka city  to discus recent developments in the region and women role in protection community.   hsk-civina-hpj-4

The meeting has been held in Rojava Youth Union amphitheatre in al-Kalasi neighborhood.

The meeting has started with silence minute, then Berivan Mostafa, the leader in Community Protection Forces of women, talked about the political and military developments in the region especially Mosul campaign and the Turkish violations of Rojava lands, and she mentioned that Mosul campaign has a great role in eliminating Daesh.

And about the Turkish violations of Rojava lands Berivan said” these Turkish practices aimed at eliminating the victories that our military forces have achieved in addition to obstruction the political and social projects in Rojava”.hsk-civina-hpj-3

She continued” the people are fully aware of the Turkish ambitions in the region, so they have gone out to the streets rejecting this occupation”.

And about the role of women Berivan said” women has always been the basis for development of societies because she was who has discovered the protection but the mental masculine has robbed her rights and importance”.

” all women have to overcome the mental masculine through their struggle and have to recognize her power to protect herself and her society and they have to believe in this power to overcome all obstacles”.hsk-civina-hpj-1

” after Rojava revolution and philosophy of the leader which depends on women freedom, women were able to overcome some of these obstacles through forming the Community Protection Forces of women and these forces have improved that they are able to protect the whole community from any danger”.

She concluded her speech with” the idea of the Community Protection Forces has taken from the protection committees, so these committees should be more organized and there should be coordination between them and the community protection forces”.

The meeting has ended with slogans that salute the role of women in protecting the community.