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Meeting Iraqi refugees appeals, their syllabuses will be given


QAMIŞLO– the co-president of Education and Pedagogy in Cizîre Canton Muhammed Salih Abdu said that they will meet refugees appeals of opening schools for them, in addition to teaching the Iraqi syllabus.

Children and their parents in Mabrouka camp 40 km west of Serê Kaniyê called upon the Self-rule Administration in Cizîre Canton to open up schools in the camp in order for the children to continue studying after IS has turned their schools to military headquarters and prevented students from attending schools.

In this context, the co-president of the Education and Pedagogy in Cizîre Canton Muhammed Salih Abdu spoke to ANHA.

Abdu started talking about circumstances Syria witnessed in the recent years and till now, and the drastic consequences the status quo had on education in general, noting that lack of security forced many students to leave school.

In addition to that, Abdu explained that mercenary gangs have taken control of many cities and areas in Syria, consequently, this situation deprived many of completing their studies” much like many other Syrian cities, we in Self-rule Administration areas managed to overcome difficulties and open up schools, academies, and institutes to give students chances to consummate their studies.

Abdu pointed out to effects of the dazzling success the new syllabus had on students, including the elementary schools last year noting that they are getting ready to open up universities in Cizire Canton in which Kurdish the mother language is taught and are seeking to elevate education on Rojava and the Canton level.

About refugees displaced from other Syrian areas and Iraq, their demands of opening schools Abdu said that they will open schools in the existing camps to teach displaced Syrian students in the Canton.

Concerning Iraqi refugees in camps of Rojava, Abdu noted that they are collaborating with UNICIF to prepare an Iraqi syllabus that meets refugees demands in al-Holl camp and other camps” after refugees living in al-Holl camp sent a request demanding teaching the Iraqi syllabus, we are providing the Iraqi syllabus, teachers and other requirements right off the bat in collaboration with UNICIF”.

Abdu assured that meeting children and their parents’ demands comes as helping them continue studying after years of dropping out of school, as IS took control of their areas and practiced inhuman policies, imposed illiteracy on people and prevented them from attending school.

Muhammed concluded pointing out to ending preparations of the syllabus in the three languages adapted in Cizîre Canton which will be taught next year, and noted that children in the elementary levels (grade 1 to grade 6) will be studying in their mother language next year.