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Mercenaries are obsessed with money!



AL-RAQQA- Muhamad al-Saoud from al-Funeygel village liberated within the 3rd stage of Wrath of Euphrates said that the IS mercenaries used to impose taxes on them under the pretext of charity, al-Saoud added that the mercenaries used different excuses to loot their money, and appealed to al-Raqqa people to join the ranks of SDF.   REQ-NERINA-WELATIYEK-LE-GUNDE-FENEJEL

As the 3rd step within the 3rd stage of the Wrath of Euphrates continues to liberate al-Raqqa city and the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, dozens of villages and hamlets have been liberated including al-Funeygel village east of al-Jazra village, and people began returning to their homes after they were forced to flee.

ANHA reporter met Muhamad al-Saoud, a local from al-Funeygel, who expressed his joy at the arrival of SDF as they have long waited for them to be liberated from the mercenaries.

Al-Saoud noted that taxes were imposed on every single item they had, half of their crops were taken as charity, al-Saoud assured that the mercenaries’ main concern was money and looting the bounties of the regions.

Al-Saoud pointed out that villagers used to hate these mercenaries, but they were helpless since they kept raising arms in their face, and would exploit every excuse to impose taxes on them and steal their money.

Muhamad added” I wonder at what they are, some were Saudi Arabian, Qatari, Turkish and have come to forcibly commandeer our land”.

Al-Saoud also mentioned that the mercenaries have largely restricted their freedom, while would themselves practice many inhuman acts like taking drugs and kidnapping women.

Muhamad touched upon the difference that took place as SDF liberated them” there is a huge difference in our situation, with the coming of SDF, rain began falling, and people of the region became blessed as their faces shone with sunny smiles”.

Al-Saoud congratulated al-Jazra villagers on their liberation and appealed to al-Raqqa people to join SDF saying” join the forces of right, the forces that responded to the oppressed” in an indication to the SDF.