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Mercenaries killed, wounded attacking Afrin and al-Shahba

AL-SHAHBA/AFRIN– People Protection Units and Women Protection Units in Afrin canton have responded to the Turkish occupation army’s attacks on Maranaz and Tel Baz villages amid reports of some mercenaries being killed and wounded.

ANHA reporter said that the Turkish occupation army shelled on Wednesday Sheikh Issa, Hasiya, Samouqa, and Harbal in al-Shahba areas with mortars and artillery.

The shelling also targeted the revolutionary forces’ points in Tel Jijian and Tel Madiq with Dushka, clashes broke out then and the mercenaries had to retreat.

Turkish occupation army mercenaries also shelled Maranaz village in Shera district with Dushka, Tel Baz in Janders district was also shelled with mortars and Dushkas.

People Protection Units responded to the attack killing and wounding a number of mercenaries.