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Mercenaries mastering torture in Ayasha prison

AL-SHAHBA- The Turkish occupation’ mercenaries’ brutality is increasing against the civilians in the occupied areas in al-Shahba as it exceeded all the humanitarian values and traditions to the extent of setting fire under the citizens and pouring hot water on their bodies.SEHBA-CETE-GEL-ESKENCE-DIKIN

A Kurdish citizen from Balikhah village in Azaz in al-Shahba was brutally tortured by the Turkish mercenaries that looted and stole his money after kidnapping him.

A reliable source stated that Fylaq al-Sham mercenaries kidnapped a Kurdish citizen (H.A) from Balikha village in Azaz several days ago under the pretext that his brother is living in Afrin canton, and they took him to Ayasha prison northern of al-Bab and brutally tortured him as they were setting fire under him and pouring hot water on his body.

The source also said that the mercenaries looted 7,000 $ from the citizen (H.A) and released him after torturing him. Moreover, the citizen is receiving medical treatment in one of the hospitals in Aleppo city now, and his body was exposed to burns in the second and third degrees. In addition, his is case is currently stable.

In addition to that, dozens of people are daily being tortured physically and psychologically, and the citizen Ahmad Sheikh being tortured till death is a good evidence for that.

Hundreds of people are displacing from the occupied areas in al-Shahba towards Afrin canton fleeing from the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries’ practices and the battles that break out among the mercenaries.

On the other hand, the same source stated that al-Sultan Morad mercenaries intended to kidnap a citizen called (A.T) from Kafar Kalbeen village as the citizen attempted to flee from them by his car, but the mercenaries shot at the car, arrested him, and stole his car. Moreover, there is no information about the party that arrested him, and his fate is unknown till this moment.