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Mercenaries use civilians to open mined roads

AL-RAQQA- Eyewitnesses among civilians who were liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stated that IS mercenaries sent some mercenaries to areas planted by mines in the frontal axis of al-Diriya neighborhood and most of the members of two families lost their lives while others among them children got wounded.

The witnesses that had left al-Diriya neighborhood and reached al-Qadisiyah liberated neighborhood stated that IS mercenaries are using them as human shields in the neighborhood, they also noted that the neighborhoods that are held by IS mercenaries became like prisons, and the mercenaries cut the simplest needs of them.

According to the witnesses, IS mercenaries sent two families among them children towards a street in the neighborhood to open a road of mines for them because the mercenaries lost their mine places’ signals. Moreover, many mines blasted in civilians who were headed and most of them were probably killed.

A source from SDF stated that during the operations of liberating the civilians on Wednesday, noises of explosion were heard within the neighborhood, and they rescued the wounds and took them to field hospitals.

The specialist groups for liberating the civilians liberated about 1500 civilians among them women, children and wounded during two days of battles in al-Diriya and Tayar neighborhoods in the western axis.