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Midan Ikbis people: As long as there is YPG, YPJ there is no fear on Afrin



AFRIN – The people of  Midan Ikbes village in Midana district that they are not afraid of the Turkish aggression as long as the fighters of People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) to defend them.

Since the 20th of January, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have carried out brutal attacks on the entire Afrin canton particularly villages and border areas, targeting thousands of civilians and their property without any deterrent.

Since 20 January, Afrin canton has been subjected to barbaric shelling by the Turkish occupation army, lead to the martyrdom of more than 150 civilians and wounding hundreds, including women and children throughout the canton.

Despite the harshness of the bombardment of most of the border villages of Rajo, the residents of Midan Ikbis village in Midana district, 22 km northwest of Rajo, on the border with north Kurdistan, refused to leave the village and bow to the plans of Turkish occupation state aimed at emptying the villages of the canton from its residents with the aim of localizing terrorists and mercenaries in their place.

Zakia Mohammed of Midan Ikbes village confirmed her commitment to the decision to stay in the village, and that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries will not make it back down from her decision and that it is ready to sacrifice the most expensive for the maintenance and protection of the canton. She pointed out that one of her sons is a combatant in the ranks of (YPG) and that victory will be their ally.

For her part, Amina Yousef stressed that the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its terrorists will not instill fear in their hearts, and that they will not leave their homes at all costs, and pointed to their solidarity and support for fighters (YPG, YPJ) who fighting on the fronts and promised to defeat the occupation plans to the end.

Husain Haider, who is also from the village, expressed his displeasure with the plans of the Turkish occupation state, which aims to target Afrin, especially the safe civilians in their homes and villages. “If Erdogan really wants confrontation, he will fight in the battlefields in front of (YPG, YPJ)

Halima Mousa, a member of Kara village in Midana district, condemned the practices of the Turkish occupation state brutally against Afrin canton, pointing out that the Turkish army planes and brutal bombardment will not make them abandon their land. On the contrary, they will stick to death, and confirmed that Erdogan and his army will not be able to move one step within our canton, Afrin people is a resistance people, and as long as our forces exist there is no fear of Afrin.

It is worth mentioning that the people of Midan Ikbis follow their normal lives despite the bombing and barbaric attacks that are exposed to the entire canton by the Turkish occupation army and associated terrorist groups.