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Minbic: 6 villages freed, 26 mercenaries killed


MINBIC– Minbic forces in the fronts of Tishreen dam and Qaraqozaq have begun clearing villages located in the middle of the dam and Qaraqozaq which makes up 39 km.

In the seventh day of “Martyr Commander Faisal Abu Laila” campaign, fighters of the Military Council of Minbic in the front of Tishreen dam managed to free Faras al-Kabir village and al-Mohdisa 7 km west of Minbic.

On Qaraqozaq front level, al-Boair, borkij, a farm that is 9 km from Minbic, and Jib al-Kalib 2km north of Raqqa-Qaraqozaq route were freed.

It was reported that 26 mercenaries were killed in the clashes and Minbic forces also seized amounts of munitions and military equipments.