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Minbic Liberation Operation started

KOBANÎ – Minbic Military Assembly launched an extensive operation to liberate the region from ISIS gangs. The assembly made a statement regarding the region and operation near Tishrin Dam. Adnan Ebu Emced, an assembly member, read the statement that says:

“Following the capture of Minbic by ISIS gangs after  the so-called “Revolutionary Forces” of the Syrian National Opposition, our people in Minbic had to live under the oppressive, violent and brutal regime of the ISIS gangs.

Syrian people and all the world witnessed the resistance of the children of Minbic who at the fronts in Qereqozq, Sirrin, and Tishrin Dam fought ISIS gangs. Our people in the city of Minbic also did not accept to live under ISIS regime and rebelled against its members.

Around two thousand young men and women joined the struggle against ISIS without hesitating for one moment. The city of Minbic honorably organized the first protest against ISIS murderers in Syria.

We, as the Military Assembly of Minbic, announce to all the world and our people that the liberation operation has started to end ISIS’s occupation and clean the city from the dirt of ISIS gangs. We are decided to remove the black color over the city of Minbic.

Upon the call of the wise people and residents of the city, we launch the operation on June 1. We ensure that the operation will continue until the last point occupied by ISIS is liberated. We call our people to take security measures and stay away from the bases and locations of ISIS gangs because all of the ISIS bases and locations will be targeted by our forces.

We hope that residents of Minbic will support our forces and expect that young men and women of Minbic join our units and fight ISIS to liberate the city.

Our assembly has Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and Chechen fighters who will target only ISIS gangs and those who cooperated with us in killing innocent children of Minbic. Our aim is to liberate the city center and region around it. Following the liberation, we will deliver the city to the Minbic Civic Assembly