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Minimized Syria manifested in al-Hasakah canton

AL-HASAKAH –The countryside of al-Hasakah witnessed a meeting of reconciliation, harmony and social peace, in which representatives and notables from the Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac tribes participated. The participants stressed that the people of the area are one hand against the attacks of Turkish occupation and IS mercenaries.HSK-CIVINA-ELI-KURD-EREB-SURYAN ‫(272892417)‬ ‫‬

At the invitation of the tribe of al-Jabour in the canton of al-Hasakah held in the village of Tall Taweel a friendly meeting of notables and sheikhs of the area was held, with the aim of reconciliation between a number of Arab tribes as well as the appointment of a sheikh for the tribe of al-Jabour.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the tribes of al- Jbour, al-Shummer, al-Baggrah and Arab al-Sharabiyya, as well as Kurdish and Syriac tribes’ notables.

The meeting of the tribes turned into a session of harmony, reconciliation and social peace through the speeches delivered by the notables and representatives of the participating tribes.

Al-Jabour notable Fawaz al-Zobaa, who opened the meeting with a speech welcoming all the distinguished notables and sheikhs present said that this meeting will contribute to the promotion of the principle of brotherhood of peoples and co-existence.HSK-CIVINA-ELI-KURD-EREB-SURYAN ‫(272892418)‬ ‫‬

After that, the Kurdish al-Diqqurin clan’s notables Fahad al-Diqqouri addressed the meeting that the Syrian people in all its spectrums and components will remain steadfast in the face of the attacks that are trying to destabilize the area. He also stressed that the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and IS mercenary attacks will fail by peoples coexisting in Syria.
The official of the Syriac Union Party, Gabriel Shimmon, sent a word of thanks to all the clans under the tent. He said that this meeting is considered minimized Syria with all its peoples. This indicates that Syria and its people are one hand and a fortified dam against all attacks and led by the attacks of the fascist Erdogan” He said.

Member of the National Arab Clans Council, Akram Mahshoush, also delivered a speech in which he said: “Thanks to the sacrifices of our martyrs we were able to meet and be one hand in the face of any forces trying to undermine the victories achieved in the city of al-Raqqa and all cities of North Syria.”

Hassan Mohammed Ahmed Al-Musllat, was appointed the Sheikh al- Jabour tribe. A reconciliation was also held between Al-Jhaish clan, al-Bou Muslim and al-Sharabiyya tribe with the al- Jabour clan after a four-year dispute.