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“Minors marriage law is moral support for ISIS thought “

BEIRUT – The Kongra Star in Lebanon has condemned the amendment in the Personal Status Law to allow the minors marriage, saying that this is a flagrant violation of the child ‘s rights and a consecration of violent and harmful practices. On behalf of all women, decisions that are considered a blow to law and justice.

A number of Kongra Star members in Lebanon, a statement was released to the public at the Kongra Star’s headquarter in Beirut read by Hadiya Hassan.

The text of the statement:

“As if all the crises and disasters experienced by women every day of killing, abuse, rape, and many violations were not enough to face a new calamity unanticipated by any, to hit all the laws and divine norms and humanitarian and international norms. As what is happening in the Iraqi capital Baghdad recently has hit the women under the name of amending the personal status law in Iraq by allowing the minors marriage, which is a moral and spiritual support for thought and mental appeal to the women’s right and back to the painful and black ages experienced by women.

We regret this amendment, as we find a flagrant violation of the child’s rights and the consecration of violent and harmful practices, which expose the victims of this marriage to psychological and physical dangers. Such decisions come to appease the legal and sectarian courts, and undermine the law and the judiciary.

On behalf of all the women at the Kongra Star in Lebanon, we condemn these violations and declare that we stand by all Iraqi women’s organizations. We say that all women’s decisions must go back to women themselves, and if we cannot, we will always be at the mercy of male minds. “We support all civil institutions working to draft a law that sets the age of marriage in accordance with international standards and children’s rights.

The Iraqi parliament has approved on the first of the November of a proposed law allowing the minors marriage, which has spread a state of discontent among women’s organizations inside and outside Iraq, which they have considered a violation of the children rights and the desecration of human morality.