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Mohammed Jamil: We document what the Turkish occupation army is committing


Fidan Abdullah

AFRIN- The co-chair of the Human Rights Organization Mohammed Jamil al-Adwan considered the Turkish occupation’s attack on Syrian sovereignty a threat to international peace and security. He said that they are documenting the war crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army in Afrin.

Raids by the Turkish aggression on the province of Afrin were resumed targeting the populated areas which caused the death and wounding of civilians, and in this context, the co-chair of human rights organization Mohammed Jamil spoke to our agency ANHA

“doubtlessly, Turkish occupation army targeting the region of Afrin is a blatant aggression on the region which is one of the safest and most peaceful areas in Syria that embrace thousands of the displaced from all regions in Syria.”

He stressed that the Turkish occupation army does not respect the international and humanitarian conventions and treaties, and the systematic bombing of Afrin violates these treaties in the preservation of human rights, in addition to targeting medical centers, archaeological sites and places of worship.”

Mohammed considered that the bombing and aggression of the Turkish aggression on Afrin is an attack on the proper sovereignty and threatens the security and international peace as a whole. The attacks also impede the political solution to the Syrian crisis.

“In accordance with article 11 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court, the Turkish state which is waging a war of aggression against unarmed civilians and their property in Afrin, must be tried,” he said.

In his speech, Mohammed called on the international community to break its silence and stop the aggression against civilians. He said that the international silence strengthens the influence of terrorism.

Mohammed pointed out that the human rights organization in Afrin monitored and documented gross violations of human rights and that the organization was in the process of submitting them to the International Criminal Court and the competent courts to prosecute criminals.