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MSD: aggression on Rojava is a Turkish plan is to foil al-Raqqa campaign

NEWS DESK- The Democratic Syrian Council (MSD) described the Turkish occupation aggression on Qereçox Mountains and Şengal area as “outrageous aggression” calling for all the Syrian people to express their refusal to the Turkish aggressive policies against the Syrian people.

MSD released a statement to the public opinion about the attacks that were launched by the Turkish aggression warplanes on Qereçox Mountains in Rojava and Şengal area in Başûr Kurdistan assuring that their determination would increase to fight the terror, and foil and resist its supporters.

The statement contains the following:

“As al-Raqqa campaign is continuing and our forces are achieving victories against IS, the Turkish warplanes bombarded our forces points in Qereçox Mountains and the Yazidi Şengal area. This Turkish aggression is an evidence of a Turkish project that aims to foil al-Raqqa campaign and help IS.

We in MSD condemn the outrageous aggression, and call for the international community to condemn this act. We also call for our Syrian people with all its components to show their refusal to the aggressive polices of the Turkish regime against our people. We assure that our determination would increase in fighting the terror and foil and resist it and its supporters”.