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MSD calls for supporting SDF to prevent massacres

NEWS DESK– Syria Democratic Assembly denounced the massacres IS is committing against Shahba and Manbij residents and called the international community, UN and Security Council in particular, to provide more support to SDF in its campaign to free Manbij.

The presidential Body of Syria Democratic Assembly issued a statement to the public opinion approving of the humanitarian role SDF plays protecting civilians and liberating Shahba areas from IS mercenaries.

The statement is as follows:

The campaign the Military Council of Manbij launched to free Manbij and its countryside was consummated successfully, what handicaps its progress now however is IS’ criminal acts of kidnapping more than 900 civilians according to official statistics, though the number might have doubled, and the frequent beheading of hostages IS held, are warning of a catastrophe recalling to mind the ethnical and religious cleansing IS carried out in Shahba against Kurds in Til Aran and Til Hasel and Shingal as well.

The presidential Body of Syria Democratic Assembly (MSD) appreciates the humanitarian role of SDF protecting civilians and freeing Shahba areas which in turn has an impact of facilitating the political solution of the Syrian crisis.

We condemn these massacres against civilians and call the international community, UN and Security Council in particular to provide more support to SDF to prevent any imminent massacre or possible catastrophes as the initial indications point to, which is no wonder since the criminal acts of IS are spread all over the world.

We also appeal to international organizations to provide humanitarian aids to this enormous number of refugees who survived IS terrorism after SDF guaranteed them secure lines to escape, they however are residing the wilderness amid miserable conditions unbearable to young children, women and old people.

We also call upon all Syrian, regional, international human rights organizations and civil society institutions to shed light on these criminal acts and collaborate to save civilians and prevent any massacres against Shahba components especially Kurds, who are subject to the terror and atrocities of the terrorist gangs like IS and others.