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MSD calls UN to provide urgent aid for Aleppo refugees

NEWS DESK– Syria Democratic Council (MSD) called the UN to provide urgent aid to the refugees flooding to Sheikh Maksoud after it was seeking ways to reach eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, MSD also called the international community to put an end to the Turkish occupation of the Syrian north.

MSD released a written statement to the public about the recent happenings in Aleppo and thousands of refugees fleeing the mutual shelling between the regime forces and the NC militants.

The statement said” in the light of difficult conditions the Syrian people are experiencing because of the fierce battles ongoing on Aleppo ground, civilians there are subjected to the ugliest atrocities, the status quo reaching a stalemate YPG has undertaken its responsibilities towards civilians and opened safe corridors to Sheikh Maksoud which is being shelled by the terrorist groups supported by Turkey”.

MSD appealed of the heroic and humanitarian deed YPG did and called the UN to play its role in securing urgent stuff and opening camps for refugees as it were seeking corridors to get to them in the besieged neighborhoods and said” we are facing a humanitarian catastrophe, people are in dire need of help because they have left everything behind”.

The Council assured that Erdogan’s government have occupied many regions in the Syrian north under the pretext of fighting ISIS while it is daily killing innocent civilians” the construction of the Turkish military base is an outrageous explicit occupation and a repetition of dividing Iskenderun”.

MSD called international community particularly Russia and the coalition to put an end to the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories and called the proud people of Syria to set terminating this occupation a priority to themselves in the national struggle.

MSD concluded saying” we in the SDF are collaborating with all Syrian components and over the Syrian geography for the construction of a democratic federal system for all Syrians and aiming to preserve Syria unity”.