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MSD delegation visits liberated Tabqa city, dam

RAQQA – A delegation from the Democratic Syrian Council (MSD) visited Tabqa city and the Euphrates Dam, which were newly liberated from the occupation of ISIS gangs.

MSD Co-President Îlham Ehmed, MSD Presidential Council Member Hikmet Hebîb, Colonel Husam Ewak, MSD Political Council Member Ebdul Qadir Al-Mûhid and a delegation consisting of members of the council visited the Euphrates Dam and Tabqa city, which was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on May 10.

Hikmet Hebîb, who made a statement on behalf of the delegation in the Euphrates Dam, expressed his wish for the rescue of Tabqa and the dam to be a blessing to all the Syrian people. The delegation, who thanked the SDF forces, said they would continue to support them.

MSD Chairwoman Îlham Ehmed said that she would like to congratulate the liberation of the city and the dam to the families of the martyrs and the Syrian people, stating, “The Euphrates Dam will be repaired soon and will be in service.”

The delegation, who visited SDF fighters in their posts, gave the message that they were behind the struggles of the fighters.