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MSD: from true opposition to federation project


NEWS DESK- Syria Democratic Board(MSD) has turned from a dream to revive the opposition to an influential political umbrella in the Syrian arena, and a military body in the face of terrorism.    encamnameya-civna-msd-hat-eskerekirin2e1a495976cf4a28f3a6

The MSD is holding meanwhile its 2nd conference in Dêrik city in the canton of Cizîre, all parties are looking forward to the resolutions that will result from it, while regional and international powers are still conflicting in the Syrian scene amid Geneva 4 ongoing talks.

The MSD sought during its 1st and 2nd conferences to be an influential political force in the Syrian arena and has become also a political umbrella for the SDF which is manipulating now 33,739 km2, making up 19% of the Syrian total area, according to Ilham Ahmad, the co-chairwoman of the board.

The opposition umbrellahikmet hebib

MSD was founded late 2015 with the presence of 103 delegations from different Syrian components, meeting the invitation of TEV-DEM to form an opponent alliance in Syria.

The Syria Democratic Board comprises the following: DAA, TEV-DEM parties, Political Philosophy parties, Syrian Democratic assembly, al-Karamah Assembly, al-Hoqouq Assembly, and the Arabic National Body, Democratic National Alliance in Syria, Cairo Conference Committee, Syrian Women Initiative, Star conference, Syrian Women Union, Kurdish Progressive Party in Syria, Democratic Modernity Party, Kurdistan Freedom Party, Girê Sipî Turkmen Platform, al-Raqqa Rebels Political Board and many other powers.

The board also comprises independent figures like Bassam Saqer who joined Riyadh congress, Abdul Sattar Feisal from Homs Governate, Firas Qasas head of Democratic Modernity party in addition to many national figures and Manbij notables.   ilham ehemed

Malek Asmar, from the Syriac component and a member of the Popular Activities Committee said” during the Syrian revolutions, Syriacs attempted to help every force that opposed the regime, but due to the extreme violence and burdensome pressures, their role shrank, so they joined the Rojava revolution, and managed to represent themselves as they are now actively undertaking their part in the MSD”.

The board has a political document which includes forming a parliamentarian, democratic, decentralized and multiple system, in addition to that, women freedom is a guarantee for all other members’ freedoms, while the youths are seen as the most dynamic force in society.  MALIK ESMER

Hikmet Habib the member of the Political Body in MSD explained that there is a clear difference between the so-called opposition which is external agendas affiliate and them as they have a roadmap, internal system, a solution project for the Syrian crisis.

In order to organize the board, several bureaus were opened in al-Hasakah, Hamah, Qamişlo, and Girê Sipî, in January 9/10, 2016, a Geneva meeting resulted in forming a representation body in Europe.

Talal Muhamad, head of the Kurdistan Peace party explained that the board aims at founding a real opponent force, Talal said” despite all foreign attempts to hinder our work, our activities in Syria are effective, and our member are working everywhere they managed to reach”.         telal mihemed

The federation project

The board proposed a political project for the Syrian crisis. In a meeting held in April 7, 2016, the board declared embracing the federation as a political system for Syria and has resolved on implementing it, simultaneously, Ilham Ahmad assured that they will propose this project in every regional and international forum.

Many steps were taken during this stage, a draft for the Syrian future constitution was completed, the board representatives proposed this project in every political activity they did and made efforts to introduce it to everyone.  PANORAMA-SIYASI-7

MSD delegations have held meetings with a number of opposition powers and international representations; US, Russia and Lebanon officials were met and the democratic federal project was discussed.

These states views about the federal project were positive, but they were not able to take any actual initiatives due to their interests.

Jamal Shiekh Baqi an executive in the board and Democratic Syrian Kurdish Party secretary evaluated these activities saying” we have made many explanations about the project proposal, and now we are an effective political umbrella, not only politically, but also on the ground as we have an advanced project and insight, this is connected to our field existence and military wing”.

Thus, the board in Rojava and Syria has become a gate for launching diplomatic relations with many states.