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MSD meets working orgs in the Syrian North

GIRÊ SIPÎ- The Development and Humanitarian Affairs Bureau in the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) held a meeting for the organizations working in the areas of North Syria in order to coordinate and discuss monthly and annual reports of the organizations.

At the MSD’s Development and Humanitarian Affairs Bureau in Ain Issa, an expansive meeting was held for all the organizations working in the Syrian North areas in order to know about their activities during the past year and setting up work’s priorities.

The meeting was attended by the Abdul Qader Muwahad the co-chair of the Development and Humanitarian Affairs Bureau, representatives of 30 humanitarian organizations and members of the MSD’s Relations Council.

The participants discussed the need of the areas of Deir ez-Zor, al-Raqqa, and al-Tabqa, and considering priorities of work.

The organizations viewed their monthly and annual reports in the area including last year’s.

The participants also noted to the increasing number of Deir ez-Zor refugees particularly those unable to return to their homes in the regime-held areas and ways to support them.

The infrastructure and reconstruction in al-Tabqa city were also touched upon, in addition to projects to provide the people with job opportunities.