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MSD: NC deviated Syrian revolution

NEWS DESK- The presidential body of Democratic Syrian Council (MSD) stated that the so-called Syrian Opponent Coalition is the main reason of deviating the Syrian revolution and preventing Syrian people from achieving their aspirations describing the statement as “foolish behavior”.

Responding to the statement which was released by the Syrian Coalition that listed Democratic Federation Party (PYD) and the military forces that defend Rojava and North of Syria within terrorism list on charges of committing crimes, the presidential body of MSD released a statement to the public opinion.

The statement included:

On the time of intensifying the Global Coalition their support to MSD, the National Coalition (NC) was the reason of the Syrian revolution decline and deviation, and it prevented people from achieving their aspirations of reaching freedom based on international and regional agendas and interests that strive for dispersing and tearing the Syrian fabric. Moreover, NC targeted Rojava Revolution by encouraging and providing the terrorist factions including IS, Jabhet al-Nusrah and others with financial and military support to invade the areas of the Syrian north and stirring up conflicts and battles among its components.

In spite of that, the Syrian Coalition’s members assured and admitted that these factions are a part of their revolution against regime, and today, amide the great victories that were achieved by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and their allies in the Global Coalition, the NC casts false charges on PYD which is an effective part in MSD and that worked with the representative forces, parties and institutions of the areas peoples on forming the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) that manages the affairs of its areas till reaching a new Syria.

The Syrian National Coalition’s attempts of listing SDF, YPG and YPJ in the black list is a stupid behavior so we in MSD assure that we are abided by our alliance with the Global Coalition to exterminate terrorism as we are still fighting it politically, militarily, and we would fight sectarian incitement of the National Coalition against our people. In addition, we believe in the Kurdish issue and the necessity of solving it within democratic federal Syria, and we believe in our triumph on extremism and terrorism.