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MSD: our forces would not stand arm-folded to Turkish occupation 

NEWS DESK- Syria Democratic Council(MSD) decried the Turkish outrageous violation of Rojava-North Syria and assured that Turkey has ambitions in the region and wants to thwart the democratic federal project of north Syria assuring that their forces would not stand arm-folded and called the coalition to end the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands.

MSD released a written statement to the public opinion about the violations and breaches of the Turkish state to the Syrian borders and shelling Çilaxa district villages in Girkê Legê.

The council said in the statement” meantime preparations for Astana meeting and ceasefire under Russian-Turkish guarantees continue, the Turkish warplanes have violated the area north of Rmaylan oilfields and randomly shelled with artillery Tel Mashhan village in Çilaxa district(al-Jawadiyah).

The council assured that there are not any terrorist targets in that region that the fascist government of Erdogan might use as pretext to occupy Syria lands explicitly amid suspicious world silence and would repeat its attacks on Rojava-North Syria again and enter its lands.

The MSD pointed out to the Turkish violation which indicates that Turkey has many ambitions in Syria and wants to fail the national project embodied in the democratic federation of north Syria.

The council decried this “outrageous offensive” and assured that their forces would not remain arm-folded and will respond to the frequent attacks with all possible means.

The council called the global coalition and coalition states to stop these offensives and put an end to the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands, the statement concluded” we are determined to construct a decentralized Syria where all Syrians agree on without any foreign intrusions affecting our national resolution because we are relying on the will of nations which is undefeatable.

Turkish warplanes violated on Tuesday night Syrian skies and entered Rojava shelling Tel Alo village surroundings.