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MSD: Turkish people must refuse Turkish interference in Syrian affairs

QAMIŞLO- The Syrian Democratic Board (MSD) condemned the Turkish practices against the people in north of Syria, and called for Turkish people to refuse the Turkish interference in the Syrian affairs.

MSD released a statement about the Turkish state’s attacks on al-Shahba areas and Afrin canton.

The statement included:

Amid the continuous interference of Erdogan’s government in the Syrian affairs by occupying more of the Syrian lands and frequent attacks on the Syrian north especially on Afrin and al-Shahba, this arrogant government puts pressure on the people in al-Shahba occupied areas (Azaz, Jarablos and al-Bab) to demonstrate against People Protection Unit (YPG) while people chanted against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and clashes erupted between the demonstrators and the Turkish mercenaries which resulted in wounding many civilians. Then, the gangs forced the displaced people from Adlib, Homs and the residents in Azaz to protest and launch radical demonstrations against the Kurds. Moreover, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation aim at stirring conflicts among Syrians.

But these plans foiled because our people realize Erdogan’s government’s goal which is stirring sectarian and radical conflicts among the people in the country.

Our peoples chose to struggle against terrorism and the Turkish occupation in order to form a democratic federal system insures everyone’s right and preserve the Syrian land and people.

We in MSD condemn these filthy practices of the Turkish government and call for Turkish people to refuse their governments’ interference in the Syrian affairs which stirs strife among peoples.

We salute our people in Afrin and al-Shahba and stand side by side against the Turkish occupation and its frequent attacks on our country.

We also call for the Syrians especially our people in Azaz, Jarablos and al-Bab to stay away from the conflicts that the Turkish government stirs.