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Muslim: Intervention of Turkey in Idlib is “destruction”, attacking Afrin is “Playing with fire”



QAMIŞLO- Saleh Muslim said that the war in Syria will focus on certain areas, including Idlib, and stressed that the intervention of Turkey in Idlib will lead to destruction, and that Erdogan’s threats to enter Afrin “playing with fire,” and added, “External interventions will not work in Iran. “

A member of the Committee on Foreign Relations in the Democratic Society Movement and the former President of the Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim spoke in a special interview with Hawar news agency on the latest developments in Syria and the Middle East

’Syria became a center  for settling scores between the external forces‘

Muslim said that Syria has become a center for settling scores between external forces, pointing out also the unwillingness of international forces to resolve the Syrian crisis, stressing at the same time that the exclusion of the components of northern Syria from international meetings prolong the crisis.

He added, “After the  war ended in north of Syria, the war broke out between many forces in different parts of Syria, including Idlib and Daraa and some areas in the capital Damascus, in these areas forces are fighting on their interests.”

Turkish calculations have created many terrorist organizations

Muslim said, “At the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey had calculation to intervene in its affairs and occupy some of its regions in particular, accordingly, many terrorist forces supported by Turkey emerged, such as the Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, IS mercenaries which helped Turkey in its projects. The object of Turkey is to impose a new regime on Syria according to its laws and constitutions, and remove the Kurdish people from the Syrian reality, and this is its sole goal. “

‘Turkey’s intervention in Idlib will lead to destruction’

Muslim pointed that “All the forces will participate in Idlib’s war, but apart from Turkey, and the mercenaries of Turkey would say “If Turkey does not take part in the battle, we will not fight anyone.”

Turkey is now forced to fight, and if it fights, it will enter a “catastrophe” and the disaster will lead Turkey to destruction.

Erdogan is playing with fire

Muslim confirmed that Erdogan’s threats to occupy Afrin is playing with fire. The people of Afrin are not like any other people, Afrin will be like a volcano that explodes in the face of Turkey, and as Kobani people resisted and liberated it, Afrin’s resistance will be greater.”

The external interventions will not work in Iran, change must be internal.

Saleh Muslim spoke about recent protests in Iranian cities “Iran is one of the most authoritarian countries on its people, and its president, Khamenei, rules the country with the intelligence establishment.”

He noted that” external interference is not working in Iran, If it does not change internally, no one is capable of changing it.”

keeping us away from meetings is prolonging the age of the crisis

Muslim noted that the Geneva and Astana meetings were “political tactics” between Turkey, Iran and Russia and political tactics prolong the Syrian crisis which they claim to solve it .”

He added, “Why Turkey does not want Kurds in northern Syria to participate with the meetings to resolve the Syrian crisis ?, because the people of northern Syria are the force that prevented and faced the largest terrorist organization in the world supported by the Turkish state, and also the owners of the Syrian solution, because it includes all components in its army.

On the future of the Syrian crisis and the future of northern Syria, Muslim said “After the liberation of al-Raqqa, we made a major step towards peace, but we cannot say that the war is over. We are ready to any common relationship with any party that contributes to resolve the crisis in Syria. “

On the Kurdish level, “The national conference is the solution”

On the Kurdish level, he said that the victories achieved in the recent period proved that Kurdish people are capable of confronting the enemies, but what must be overcome at the Kurdish level is the holding of the Kurdistan National Conference and the unification of the Kurdish rank in all parts of Kurdistan.”

Saleh appealed at the end of his speech all Kurdish forces work to unify the Kurdish rank, and hold the Kurdistan national conference