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Muslim: Manbij will be the center of coexistence


KOBANI– PYD co-president Saleh Muslim spoke about the significance of Manbij liberation to ANHA.

Democratic nation will be achieved by the co-existing components

Muslim said that the blood of martyrs have been mixed in Manbij and have been an important factor in achieving the democratic nation in Syria, saying” mixing the blood of Syrian components in Manbij is important, especially for our strategic perception of the democratic nation, as Kurdish people, we will continue the path of our martyrs, the ongoing struggle in Manbij will be an example of the construction of a democratic future.

It will be the center of coexistence

Muslim noted that Manbij liberation have broken the back of IS mercenaries and said” Manbij operation derives its significance from two respects: Manbij is the undeclared capital of IS gangs, and everything connected to ISIS gangs was there, Manbij for them is very important and ISIS gangs strengthened his regime there more than Raqqa, Manbij was a training headquarter for ISIS gangs, and foreigners used to receive training in Manbij, during the battles in Manbij, it turned out that there are dozens of tons of explosives and weapons, Manbij liberation is important for Rojava , the first aspect is to defeat the enemy and the second is the way people live and what would Manbij  liberation achieve to Rojava.

About the attitudes of Justice and Development government and anti-democratic forces about Manbij liberation Muslim said “In the beginning the attitudes of these forces were hostile, when east of the Euphrates River was liberated, they put a lot of lines but those lines were deleted, the biggest discontent was the failure of their plans and their hopes. In other words, their hostile attitudes are as much their disappointment in achieving their goals and plans in the region, but their attitudes and attempts to derail the campaign failed, because right will defeat wrong.

He added “It is possible that these powers are carrying out libel in this project and handicapping it, and hiding the truth, but when they perceive the sacrifices on the ground, and watching how the Arabic components at the forefronts of this resistance playing a pioneer role and giving sacrifices, truth becomes crystal-clear, and obstacles are removed.

Seeing women burn their black dresses, injustice and oppression they have suffered and rejecting our project, means they accept the injustice and humiliation suffered by our society.

In the end Muslim said” in the absence of a change of mentality, a healthy community will not be constructed”, and added saying” the  problem of Manbij is imminent to be solved, and I hope everyone who works in the field of politics and society, to struggle according to the resistance and the sacrifices they made, and as for our people they should trust us, and we will win.”

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