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Muslim: we are not aspiring to any anything but a democratic Syria 


NEWS DESK– Saleh Muslim, the Co-President of the Democratic Union Party(PYD), considered that “founding a federal democratic Syria, within which everyone enjoys their rights is a crucial mission to the PYD, achieving this, we will be undertaking our duty before history, and we assure that we are not looking forward to any positions or authorities”.

On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of PYD foundation, Saleh Muslim delivered a statement to ANHA saying” first of all, we congratulate Rojava-North Syria people in this occasion, in fact we spent these years struggling for our people, and our victories are not but the result of their resistance”.

Muslim pointed out to the role of PYD in Qamishlo uprising in 2004, and said” our party founded, we have undertaken the leadership of the uprising, and since then our party is sacrificing many a martyr and many others were detained in the Baathist regime prisons such as Ahmad Hussein and the struggler Osman Suleiman and many others”.

Muslim assured that PYD is the party of people and has always stood by their side” doubtlessly, our party since its foundation has undertaken the mission of organizing and enlightening people, in my opinion, it was able to hold that responsibility, and the crystal-clear results on the ground are such an evidence”.

 “The best example of Syria and the Middle East”

Muslim noted in his speech to Rojava system which will be achieving justice and democracy in Syria and the Middle East, and added” the present system in Rojava is elected by people, and PYD could be an example to it, as the people of Rojava are ruling themselves by means of a perfect example of the future solution to the present crises in Syria and the Middle East”.

Muslim went on saying” PYD could support the case of its people in different political and diplomatic fields and whenever needed, this is absolutely our duty especially in this historical phase, all these victories were indeed the outcome of the sacrifices of Rojava people, whom we are proud of”.

“We are not seeking any positions or authorities”

Muslim refuted that the Democratic Union Party is seeking power and said” since the foundation of our party and Rojava revolution we have never sought any kind of power or authority, our sole aim was serving our people, and all we are concerned with is having our people capable of ruling themselves in their own free will”.

Concluding his speech, Muslim vowed to escalate the struggle till a democratic Syria is founded” we promise our people and the world to escalate struggle till a federal democratic Syria is founded, where everyone enjoys their rights, thus achieving a part of our duty”.