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My meeting with Ocelan changed my life path, took me out of darkness into light’



QAMISHLO- Mother Dalal, who met the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan 25 years ago, said her meeting with Ocelan changed her life. Mother Dalal also said that Ocelan is the key to peace and the state involved in the international conspiracy to take out Ocelan from Imrali prison.QAM-DITNAMIYN-JI SEROKRA PO DERMAN (2)

Dalal Munir Born in 1960 from Selanfa town, near Latakia city, she married the struggler Jamal Aldin Alo, a resident of Qamishlo city, who joined the Freedom Movement in 1995 and was martyred in the Baathist regime prisons after being tortured in 2005. She is also the mother of the martyr Mohammed Alo, his movement name Jamsheed, who was martyred in the resistance of Gire Sipi in 2015.

The mother Dalal, who met with the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan in Latakia city in 1993, still remember those moments, and the impact left by the meeting in her personality, and remember the conversation that took place 25 years ago.

He spoke about the Kurdish issue, the revolution and the future of the peoples of Middle East

“I was so eager to see this great leader and I have the curiosity to know him,” says Dalal. “When I saw him I felt awe, like I was in a dream. He talked to us about an hour about the revolution and about the Kurdish issue. He said that the revolution started with young people and will win with the youth. He stressed that the basic dependence of the revolution is on the people. I remember saying ‘even if the whole world gave up on us, it is enough that the families of the martyrs be on our side’

Everyone has to shoulder their responsibilities towards the revolution

Mother Dalal said that Ocelan was stressing the importance of each person to assume his responsibilities to the cause and revolution, each person has to consider himself a leader, “said the leader to assume that I arrested, or if I have been denied, each of you must be responsible and see himself a leader, I have given you ideas and philosophy to illuminate your path and all that I wish you to do and to establish something for you.

‘Our struggle is to liberate all oppressed peoples’

“The leader told us that the Middle East, with all its peoples, needs a revolution to free itself from oppressive autocratic regimes, but the Kurdish people are exposed more and more to the policies of denial and injustice, and even deprived of their language. That is why we have revolutionized and our struggle is to liberate all oppressed peoples

Mother Dalal says that her meeting with the Kurdish leader Ocelan has greatly affected her personality and increased her association with the march of freedom movement.

‘Ocelan was exposed to an international conspiracy because he fought against tyranny’

“The oppressive countries participated in the plot against Ocelan, because it is fighting against authoritarian regimes, against deprivation of the peoples’ rights, because with the society and the oppressor of the oppressed, Ocelan came to illuminate the world’s path,” Dalal said in her opinion on the reasons why authoritarian regimes participated in an international conspiracy against Ocelan,

“Ocelan came to illuminate the path of the whole world and save mankind from destruction, he is the man of peace and democracy”

“Because he is the man of peace and the key to peace in his own hand, with his thought and philosophy, societies emerge from darkness into the light,” the mother Dalal demanded at the end of her speech the countries who participated in the international conspiracy, to work for the freedom of Ocelan.