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National Coalition announced its electoral program


NEWS DESK- The Kurdish National Coalition in Syria that participates in the elections of the Local Administration has announced its electoral program and the main aims of the elections.

As the Electoral Commission for elections announced the names of candidates accepted within the lists and independents, the process of the electoral propaganda which would continue until the 29th of November has begun, during which, the National Coalition’s list released a statement to public opinion explaining its main objectives and calling for the citizens to vote in favor of their list.

The statement was read by the member of the coalition Imad Majoul in their office in al-Siyahi neighborhood in Qamişlo city in al-Jazeera region.

The text of the statement included:

“We the Kurdish National Coalition in Syria believe in the importance of contributing to the promotion of democracy in the society, and practicing the electoral right to vote as a natural and legitimate right of citizens, we decided to participate in the upcoming elections for the towns, districts and cantons in Rojava and North Syria by an electoral list in al-Jazeera region under the name of “coalition” to represent the ambitions and aspirations of the citizens, and meet their demands with all rights and overcome the obstacles and suffering in their daily life to enjoy a decent life in a society characterized by justice, equality and dignity.QAM-DAXWEYANI-HEVBENDI

The coalition list will work with all its efforts to:

  1. Achieve equality concerning the rights and duties of all the components of Rojava and North Syria.
  1. Contribute in enhancing the state of brotherhood and coexistence among the components of the national spectrum in Rojava and North Syria; Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and Turkmens, Muslims- Christians and Yazidis.
  1. Support our heroic forces … SDF … YPJ … YPG.

4 – Work to secure more jobs and remove the phenomenon of unemployment.

  1. Secure bread, improve its quality and distribute it fairly.

6 – Develop the education sector and work responsibly to overcome the imbalances and rehabilitation of teaching staff.

  1. Pave of roads, in particular that link between villages, towns and cities, and the maintain the damaged.

8 – Protect the environment and work to find a way to ensure safety and restoration of the gardens and increase their numbers.

9 – Work to solve the problems of electricity and water in Rojava and North Syria.

  1. Develop the ability of the young generation.
  1. Achieve equality between men and women.

12 -Work on the protection of the antiquities and documenting them historically.

13 – Develop the agricultural reality in terms of supporting the farmer with the requirements of agriculture.

14 – Develop of health sector and work to achieve health insurance for the citizens.

15 – Struggle the phenomenon of administrative and economic corruption and put right man in the appropriate place.

For all of these, vote for your list, the coalition, brotherhood, justice and dignity list.