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SNC militants target residents escaping to Sheikh Maksoud

ALEPPO- Mercenaries of the Syrian Coalition have targeted residents of the eastern neighborhoods in Aleppo fleeing the ferocious war ongoing there towards Sheikh Maksoud wounding some of them.hlb-birindarenen-cocber-2

For a week, Clashes are continuing between the Syrian regime and its affiliates on the one hand, and militants of the NC in the eastern neighborhoods in Aleppo on the other hand, where the Syrian regime forces made a good progress in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and said that they have taken control of Masakin Hanano; eastern Aleppo’s largest neighborhood.

Adding to that, clashes and mutual shelling is still ongoing between the regime and NC militants where different kinds of arms are being use forcing besieged in these neighborhood to escape to Sheikh Maksoud protected by YPG, YPJ, Asayîş and Society Protection Units(HPC).

Hundreds of families arrived at the neighborhood, almost more than 3,000 families entered Sheikh Maksoud, Asayîş said.

ANHA reporter in Sheikh Maksoud assured that the NC militants have targeted civilians escaping to Sheikh Maksoud last night with mortars and automatic weapons wounding many civilians but the exact number was not known.hlb-birindarenen-cocber-1

Medical staff in the Kurdish Red Crescent rushed to give first aid to the wounded.

The displacement movement towards Sheikh Maksoud is ongoing, Sheikh Maksoud have been shelled since September 2015 by mercenaries of NC leaving more than 150 people dead, wounding at least a thousand, and destroying more than 2,600 houses and shops.