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Nesrine Abdullah: Turkish occupation stationed in Adlib encircles Afrin

NEWS DESK- The spokesperson on behalf of the Women Protection Units (YPJ) Nesrine Abdullah assured that the Turkish occupation army existing in Adlib is not a project, rather, it aimed at occupying Adlib in order to encircle Afrin.

That came in a statement of Nesrine Abdullah on the official website of YPJ as she said that new and serious talks must be held.

Nesrine Abdullah said “after IS, the situation would not be better if the states attempted to carry out projects without the Kurds, the only solution is opening the way for new and serious discussions”.

Nesrine also talked about the Turkish threats about launching attacks against Afrin and she continued “the Turkish existence in Adlib is not a project according to Astana outcomes, Turkey had to bring observers to observe the de-escalation, and the armies must not have entered this area, but the Turkish state violates the agreements and it occupied Adlib aiming at encircling Afrin.”

The spokesperson in the name of YPJ Nesrine Abdullah concluded her speech saying ” If the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries launch any attack against Afrin, we would hold Russia and America responsible for the attacks as Turkey would take their permission before attacking.”