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New batch of machineries for reconstruction up to al-Raqqa city

AL-RAQQA- A new batch of heavy vehicles has arrived in al-Raqqa city which will contribute to reconstruction of the city, and it is planned additional batches to reach in the coming days.REQA-ALIET-BAXIGRINI (3)

8 heavy vehicles have been received by al-Raqqa Civil Council;

4 heavy lorries, 4 bulldozers for reconstruction in al- Raqqa city

The US Assistance Program provided these machineries in addition to 9 vehicles provided to al-Raqqa Civil Council in support of al-Raqqa Civil Council for removing remnants of IS gangs inside al-Raqqa city and the reconstruction of the city.

The head of the Office of Organizations in al-Raqqa Civil Council Abdel Salam Hamsourk noted that the machineries that have been received are consummation of previous several batches while the remaining batches will be received in the next few days.