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New educational system… Evaluation of students instead of exams


KOBANI- The Democratic Society Training Committee has removed the system of conducting examinations at the end of the sessions and terms and has developed a system of evaluation of students.

The education sector is witnessing a remarkable revival in North Syria where the Democratic Autonomous Administration has removed traditional frameworks and has taken education out of the mold; preparing a new curriculum that enables the components of North Syria to learn their native language where the Kurdish, Arabic, and Syriac languages are being taught at schools in Rojava and North SyriaBRKAET

On 24 September, schools have officially been opened by Pedagogy and Education Body last year, the first semester having come to an end, a new system has been created by Pedagogy and Education Committee instead of the examinations. The students are evaluated in terms of behavior, participation and oral evaluation of the information that the student understand it.

The shortage of schools and the increase in the number of students

A member of the school Administration Committee in Kobani canton Barakat Hamo pointed out that lack in the schools because of large numbers of the students are increasing day by day, especially after the stability of security in the region and the return of the people to it and we need to building new schools and building committee is trying to maintain and build new schools,”

And added “Schools in the villages of the canton need maintenance in terms of doors, windows and other minor repairs. During the last chapter, the committee has maintained some of them, but this is not enough. In addition, a school is now being built in Kaniya Kurdan neighborhood,”

Al-Hamo pointed out that with the increase in the number of students, they are facing another problem which is the shortage of teachers and teachers, but stressed their ability to solve this problem, considering the presence of institutes to prepare teachers who have trained several courses in addition to the opening of a university in the canton.

New educational system

Al Hamo explained the changes in the education system in the current school year. “The decisions we took at the conference of Democratic Society Training Committee are not to conduct the exams for the students because the examination system allows the student a period of not more than one hour to be evaluated later, Instead, we put in place an assessment system for students by professors in addition to oral examinations.”

Barakat al-Hamo noted “Teachers stay with the students for a long time and can evaluate all the students in all aspects such as information, culture, treatment and study, participating in events that take place in schools. The aim of this system is that students apply every information they learn in schools to practical life he lives in and not only keeping the information they receive.