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Newroz camp’s school about opening amid orgs’ negligence


DÊRIK – The Democratic Community Training Committee prepared 10 classes at the Martyr Jamal Sarhad School in Newroz refugee camp for Yazidi refugees while international organizations continue ignoring the suffering of the refugees.PERORDA-SAKERDAN-LE-KAMPA-NOROZ (1)

Simultaneously, the new academic year, the Democratic Community Training Committee prepared 10 classes at the Martyr Jamal Sarhad School in the Newroz refugee camp in Dêrik city of the canton of Qamishlo in Cizîre region, Yazidi students will be received for the second year successively.

In turn, the school administration is preparing to receive the new academic year, as it began receiving and registering the new students on the sixth of the month of September while students will begin flowing to the schools immediately after registration.

Where the training committee in the Democratic Society provided everything necessary to the camp of Newroz during the previous years to teach children by preparing teachers, books and the needs of children and school.PERORDA-SAKERDAN-LE-KAMPA-NOROZ (4)

During the current year, according to the school administration, the school of Martyr Jamal Sarhad is expected to receive about 400 students from the first grade through the seventh grade. The students will receive the curriculum prepared by the Education Committee in Democratic Society, in addition to Kurdish, Arabic and English. 16 teachers from all specialties who have received training courses during the summer.

In addition, classes for children are prepared in the preparatory stage (nursery stage) and students will be received in two shifts in the morning and evening.

It is noteworthy that Newroz camp receives the new academic year, and since its establishment, no organization has provided assistance in education field except for the Democratic Community Training Committee, this was confirmed by the administrators at the school of Newroz camp despite the students’ need for clothing, stationaries and bags.