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Noraddin: breaking isolation on Ocelan is not enough, release is required



BEIRUT-The researcher, academic and director of the Center for Strategic Studies in Beirut, Dr. Mohammad Noraddin, stressed that the solution of the Kurdish crisis cannot be in the absence of its leaders, and said that the isolation of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan is not enough and what is required is the release of Ocelan, he added the region would have found many solutions if Ocelan treatises had been benefited from.

Noraddin said in an interview with Hawar News Agency that the goal of Turkish government of preventing the family of Ocelan and his lawyer is to weaken the Kurdish people to reach the present elections in 2019 beside this isolation is connected with the progress of Kurdish status quo in Syria where Turkey seeks to put pressure on Kurdish movement leaders in Syria and he pointed that human rights organizations and all freedom-seekers should make a solidarity operation and movement to support this cause in the media.

The text of the dialogue is as follows:                                                    

Why does Turkish government prevent the family and the lawyer of the Kurdish leader Ocelan from meeting him for more than two years and is this connected with the developments which the Middle East area witness especially in Syria and Iraq?

What is Ocelan’s effect on solving the Middle East problems?

Were the region moving on the basis of reason, wisdom and logic, it would have found many solutions to their problems based on these treatises presented by Abdullah Ocelan, and the most important is full citizenship between the different components of each country while respecting the cultural identity of all peoples or components in each country whether they are large or small.

What is the effect of isolation imposed on Ocelan on solving the Kurdish cause in the Middle East, meantime, the area witnesses rapid developments?

In fact, any solution to the Kurdish cause in the area would not be successful and complete if the real leaders of these movements are absent and as result we cannot imagine solving the Kurdish cause in Turkey and the effect of this to the Kurds in all states without negotiation with Kurds and Kurdish people cannot be free without their leader being free we talk here about Turkey.

What is required of human rights organizations and the peoples of the region about the isolation imposed on Ocelan, who put forward the concept of the democratic nation that deals with solving the problems of the Middle East?

There is no doubt that human rights organizations and all freedom-seekers are in one way or another required to carry out the widest process of solidarity, support, stirring and raising this issue in the media, because it is unacceptable to keep Ocelan in prison or to prevent communication and meet with him. The Kurdish people in Turkey, who must put in place practical plans to escalate the struggle and put pressure on Turkish government. Turkish intervention in the affairs of neighboring countries where will it lead, especially as it approached with Iran in the recent period and the implications of this approach to the situation in the Middle East? The Turkish interference in the affairs of the neighborhood, whether in Syria or Iraq or Kurdistan Regional Government and participate in the siege of this region, as long as the issues are open and not yet closed and no final solution has been achieved. The region is witnessing changes and in alliances and relations, from Yemen to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and recently to Lebanon after the resignation of Hariri and so on. But in any case we can summarize that the Turkish interventions, whether in Syria or Iraq, especially in Syria since 2011, only led to the emergence of risks and threats that did not exist before over the Turkish national security and the Turkish economy and the structure of the political system in Turkey. It is my assessment that these interventions will continue and that these open issues will continue without a complete ending, which will increase negative repercussions on the situation in Turkey. A.H